[releng_5 tinderbox] failure on sparc64/sparc64

FreeBSD Tinderbox tinderbox at freebsd.org
Mon Mar 14 07:01:51 PST 2005

TB --- 2005-03-14 14:51:19 - tinderbox 2.3 running on freebsd-current.sentex.ca
TB --- 2005-03-14 14:51:19 - starting RELENG_5 tinderbox run for sparc64/sparc64
TB --- 2005-03-14 14:51:19 - checking out the source tree
TB --- 2005-03-14 14:51:19 - cd /home/tinderbox/RELENG_5/sparc64/sparc64
TB --- 2005-03-14 14:51:19 - /usr/bin/cvs -f -R -q -d/home/ncvs update -Pd -rRELENG_5 src
TB --- 2005-03-14 15:00:30 - building world (CFLAGS=-O -pipe)
TB --- 2005-03-14 15:00:30 - cd /home/tinderbox/RELENG_5/sparc64/sparc64/src
TB --- 2005-03-14 15:00:30 - /usr/bin/make -B buildworld
>>> Rebuilding the temporary build tree
>>> stage 1.1: legacy release compatibility shims
>>> stage 1.2: bootstrap tools
>>> stage 2.1: cleaning up the object tree
===> share/examples/pf
===> share/isdn
===> share/man
===> share/man/man1
===> share/man/man3
===> share/man/man4
"/tinderbox/RELENG_5/sparc64/sparc64/src/share/man/man4/Makefile", line 352: Unassociated shell command "ng_cisco.4  ng_device.4  nge.4  ng_echo.4  ng_eiface.4  ng_etf.4  ng_ether.4  ng_fec.4  ng_frame_relay.4  ng_gif.4  ng_gif_demux.4  ng_h4.4  ng_hci.4  ng_hole.4  ng_hub.4  ng_iface.4  ng_ip_input.4  ng_ksocket.4  ng_l2cap.4  ng_l2tp.4  ng_lmi.4  ng_mppc.4  ng_netflow.4  ng_one2many.4  ng_ppp.4  ng_pppoe.4  ng_pptpgre.4  ng_rfc1490.4  ng_socket.4  ng_split.4  ng_sppp.4  ng_sscfu.4  ng_sscop.4  ng_tee.4  ng_tty.4  ng_ubt.4  ng_UI.4  ng_uni.4  ng_vjc.4  ng_vlan.4  nmdm.4  nsp.4  null.4  ohci.4  oldcard.4  orm.4  pass.4  patm.4  pccard.4  pccbb.4  pci.4  pcic.4  pcm.4  pcn.4  pcvt.4  pim.4  polling.4  ppbus.4  ppc.4  ppi.4  ppp.4  psm.4  pst.4  pt.4  pty.4  puc.4  random.4  rc.4  re.4  rl.4  rndtest.4  route.4  rp.4  rue.4  sa.4  sab.4  safe.4  sbp.4  sbp_targ.4  sbsh.4  screen.4  scsi.4  sem.4  ses.4  sf.4  si.4  sio.4  sis.4  sk.4  sl.4  smb.4  smbus.4  smp.4  sn.4  snd_ad18
 16.4  snd_als4000.4  snd_cmi.4  snd_cs4281.4  snd_csa.4  snd_ds1.4  snd_emu10k1.4  snd_es137x.4  snd_ess.4  snd_gusc.4  snd_ich.4  snd_maestro.4  snd_maestro3.4  snd_neomagic.4  snd_sbc.4  snd_solo.4  snd_uaudio.4  snd_via82c686.4  snd_vibes.4  snp.4  spic.4  splash.4  sppp.4  ste.4  stf.4  stg.4  sym.4  syncache.4  syncer.4  syscons.4  sysmouse.4  tap.4  targ.4  tcp.4  tdfx.4  termios.4  ti.4  tl.4  trm.4  ttcp.4  tty.4  tun.4  twa.4  twe.4  tx.4  txp.4  uart.4  ubsa.4  ubsec.4  ubser.4  ubtbcmfw.4  ucom.4  udav.4  udbp.4  udp.4  ufm.4  uftdi.4  ugen.4  uhci.4  uhid.4  uhidev.4  ukbd.4  ulpt.4  umass.4  umct.4  umodem.4  ums.4  unix.4  uplcom.4  urio.4  usb.4  uscanner.4  utopia.4  uvisor.4  uvscom.4  vga.4  vge.4  vinum.4  vinumdebug.4  vlan.4  vpo.4  vr.4  watchdog.4  wb.4  wi.4  witness.4  wlan.4  worm.4  xe.4  xl.4  xpt.4  zero.4"
make: fatal errors encountered -- cannot continue
*** Error code 1

Stop in /tinderbox/RELENG_5/sparc64/sparc64/src/share/man.
*** Error code 1

Stop in /tinderbox/RELENG_5/sparc64/sparc64/src/share.
*** Error code 1

Stop in /tinderbox/RELENG_5/sparc64/sparc64/src.
*** Error code 1

Stop in /tinderbox/RELENG_5/sparc64/sparc64/src.
*** Error code 1

Stop in /tinderbox/RELENG_5/sparc64/sparc64/src.
TB --- 2005-03-14 15:01:44 - WARNING: /usr/bin/make returned exit code  1 
TB --- 2005-03-14 15:01:44 - ERROR: failed to build world
TB --- 2005-03-14 15:01:44 - tinderbox aborted

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