Atheros chip support in 4.11 & updated if_rl.c code location?

Geraghty, Dewayne dewayne.geraghty at
Fri Mar 11 18:25:12 PST 2005

Has anyone performed an Atheros wireless port to 4.11.

I noted the ath chip is described in the 5.3 man page with a version date of
4.11.  Consequently I purchased two atheros wireless devices, and upgraded
my 4.8 boxes to 4.11.  Unfortunately there is no Atheros (if_ath) support in
4.11.  (My purchase decision was based on the 5.3 man page.  Silly me)

Also I've noted that the if_rl code has been updated and submitted for 5.4.
Can someone please point me to the incarnation to pull this code, so I can
install it on my 4.x series.   Unfortunately I've only ever used the RELEASE
code since 2.2.8, so I'm cvs ignorant.

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