New Nforce2 variant doesn't recognize SATA as SATA

secmgr security at
Fri Mar 11 14:53:17 PST 2005

Rob MacGregor wrote:

>On Friday, March 11, 2005 5:26 PM, secmgr <> unleashed the infinite monkeys and
>>Failing that, is there a definitive list of SATA PCI boards which
>>FreeBSD does full support?
>See the release notes for the version of FreeBSD you're using.  For 5.3 that's
Well, thanks, but I looked there before I bought the board.
1. I challange you to derive from that page a list of supported PCI SATA 
adapters (and I don't mean RAID adapters like from highpoint or 3ware)
2. Even following the link to ata(4), what you get is a list of 
supported chips (some pata, some sata, not specifed as to which is 
which), NOT a list of supported boards.  Within that was a reference 
that the Nforce II chipset WAS supported, which is why I bought what I 
did.  Now you may say, "well, the mfg added to the chipset.  Thats not 
FreeBSD's problem".  Yes and no.  The documentation isn't definitive as 
to what is supported.  If the doc's had said "Nforce II PATA", then I 
would have questioned support of SATA before I purchased, but you can't 
tell that from the chip list.


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