PAE+SMP panic with "page fault while in kernel mode" in many files opened situations

Jason Thomson jason.thomson at
Fri Mar 11 05:58:23 PST 2005

Emmanuel OTTON wrote:

> Le 11 mars 05, à 12:11, Jason Thomson a écrit :
>> If you disable the logical processors in the BIOS,  this problem 
>> should go away.
>> We ended up reverting to 4-STABLE for other reasons.
> Thanks for your answer.
> The problem is still there, unfortunately.
> Crashes no more on pagedaemon though, for a change, but on irq48:em0...
> Would you have KVA_PAGES / maxvnodes recommendation for this case ?
> Was your answer based on painful trial-and-error, or is there a logical 
> reason (known bad HTT or PAE or Xeon support) ?
> Should I revert to 4-STABLE to get solid PAE+SMP support ?
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We had KVA_PAGES=768.  It's now at KVA_PAGES=672 to give us the right
balance between KVM & usable process size.

We spent a few (4 hours) trying to get 5-STABLE to work properly.

It would reliably crash when running make -j 4 buildworld.

When we disabled the logical processors in the BIOS,  make -j 4
buildworld would succeed.

Also,  we disabled the USB subsystem in the BIOS.  I don't know whether
you have already.  It looks like you haven't from your first post.  This
is advisable.

In any case,  we reverted to 4-STABLE.  We needed the patches posted to
this list to enable us to use PAE + amr driver.

Since reverting it has been completely stable.  (And very very fast:-)

I didn't post anything to the list regarding our problems,  because we
weren't able to get a crashdump.

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