vinum zero divide crashes under RELENG_4

Dmitry Morozovsky marck at
Wed Mar 9 01:33:44 PST 2005

Dear colleagues,

is anyone interested in analyzing vinum crashdumps under RELENG_4? The problem 
is that crash situations are not easily reproducible (they are related to 
changing in-memory and on-disk vinum configs), but almost every refers 

#6  0xc01ff69b in __divdi3 (a=0x1000, b=0x0) at /FreeBSD/src.411/sys/libkern/divdi3.c:61
#7  0xc02abc8e in driveio (drive=0xc38e41f8, buf=0xc3c96c00 "IN VINO", length=0x200, offset=0x1000, flag=0x0)
    at /FreeBSD/src.411/sys/modules/vinum/../../dev/vinum/vinumio.c:330

which is 

330             bp->b_blkno = offset / drive->partinfo.disklab->d_secsize; /* block number */

(in my last case, drive->partinfo.disklab is filled with zeros except d_magic 

Thanks in advacne.

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