Can FreeBSD be installed on DellPowerEdge2800 ?

David Sze dsze at
Wed Mar 9 03:17:01 GMT 2005

At 05:55 PM 08/03/2005 -0700, Scott Long wrote this to All:
>>David Sze wrote:
>>>On Wed, Mar 02, 2005 at 08:25:40AM -0600, Art Mason wrote:
>>>Yeah, I cam across that on some mailing list archives, but saw some
>>>additional references that this can cause issues with the amr driver.
>>>Have you experienced any instability issues with the amr driver and
>>>PAE enabled?  If not, then I'll give this a shot on one of our lab
>>>boxes for testing.  Thanks for the suggestion, BTW.
>>On my 2850 the upper 1GB of RAM cannot be addressed without PAE support
>>in the kernel.  However, amr in 4.11-RELEASE does indeed seem to have
>>trouble with PAE.  The result being that with the option in the kernel,
>>the root device (ufs:/dev/amrd0s1a) cannot be found.
>>I backported scottl's amr PAE fixes from RELENG_5; the diffs applied
>>cleanly (with offsets).  I'm happy to report that my 2850 can now
>>address its full 4GB and see its amr volumes.
>>The diff against 4.11-RELEASE is attached, hopefully someone will be
>>willing to commit it to RELENG_4.
>I don't have the cycles to watch after RELENG_4, so I'll have to take
>your word that this works.  What date is this patch against?  I
>committed some follow-up fixes last week that are required for
>management apps to work (and yes, LSI is getting ready to support
>FreeBSD with management apps).

The patch is against 4.11-RELEASE, and is just a backport of your commit
from Dec. 5th
There haven't been any changes to amr since release, so it should apply
directly to RELENG_4 as well.

I left out the subsequent ioctl fixes and LSI 320-2E support.  They look
straightforward, but I don't have the software or hardware to test them.
If you'd like them in there before committing to RELENG_4, I can take a
stab at it and post a new patch.

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