BLOCKED: Re: Its me

sullivan at sullivan at
Sat Mar 5 09:49:09 GMT 2005

Your message has not been delivered because it contains at least one restricted

Recipient...........: sullivan at
Subject.............: Re: Its me
Detected Extensions.: scr

If you did not send this message, the most likely cause is a virus on another
computer.  The virus has used your email address as the from address.  As a
result, this automated response has been sent to you.

Please scan your computer for viruses using the latest virus definitions.  If
you are unable to find any viruses then you were probably not the source of
this email and you may disregard this message.

Blocked Attachment Types Include:

    Extension   Description
    386         Windows Enhanced Mode Driver
    ade         Microsoft Access project extension
    adp         Microsoft Access project
    adt         Abstract Data Type
    asd         *.asd file
    asp         Active Server Page
    bas         Visual Basic class module
    bat         Batch file
    bin         Binary File
    btm         4DOS Batch To Memory Batch File
    cab         *.cab file
    cbt         Computer Based Training
    cer         *.cer file
    chm         Compiled HTML Help file
    cil         *.cil file
    cmd         Windows NT Command script
    com         Command (Executable File)
    cpl         Control Panel extension
    crt         Security certificate
    csc         Corel Script File
    csh         KornShell script file
    dll         Dynamic Link Library
    dot         MS Word Document Template
    drv         Device Driver
    exe         Executable File
    fon         Font
    fxp         Microsoft Visual FoxPro compiled program
    hlp         Help file
    hta         HTML program
    inf         Setup Information
    ini         Initialization File
    ins         Internet Naming Service
    isp         Internet Communication settings
    ksh         KornShell script file
    lib         Library
    lnk         Shortcut
    mdb         Microsoft Access Database
    mde         Microsoft Access MDE database
    mdt         Microsoft Access workgroup information
    mdw         Microsoft Access workgroup information
    msc         Microsoft Common Console document
    msi         Microsoft Windows Installer Package
    mso         Math Script Object
    msp         Microsoft Windows Installer Patch
    mst         Microsoft Visual Test Source Files
    net         *.net file
    nws         *.nws file
    obj         Relocatable Object Code
    ocx         Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) Control Extension
    ops         Office XP settings
    pcd         Photo CD MS Compiled Script
    pd          *.pd file
    pgm         Program File
    pif         Shortcut to MS-DOS program
    pot         PowerPoint Templates
    pwl         *.pwl file
    reg         Registry Entries
    rm          *.rm file
    scr         Screen Saver or Script
    sct         Windows Script Component
    shb         Shell Scrap Object
    shm         *.shm file
    shs         Shell Scrap Object
    smm         Ami Pro Macro
    src         *.src file
    sys         System Device Driver
    url         Internet Shortcut
    vb          VBScript file
    vbe         VBScript encoded script file
    vbs         Visual Basic Script file
    vbx         *.vbx file
    vxd         Virtual Device Driver
    wfs         *.wfs file
    wsc         Windows Script Component
    wsf         Windows Script file
    wsh         Windows Script Host Settings file
    xlt         *.xlt file

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