VMware, AIO, what's up?

Doug Ambrisko ambrisko at ambrisko.com
Sat Mar 5 04:00:18 GMT 2005

Josef Karthauser writes:
| I'm confused.  VMWare (3) no longer works for me.  I upgraded my base
| linux to base_linux_8 (from 6 I think) and now I get:
|     VMware PANIC: (ide0:0) NOT_IMPLEMENTED F(831):712
|     VMware PANIC: (VMX) AIO: NOT_IMPLEMENTED F(831):712
| I have aio.ko loaded and so it isn't that, and it worked a few days ago.
| I'm scratching my head and could really do with a clue stick.  Will
| someone please throw me one?

You need to run the
patch on the vmware binary to make it work with the new Linux libs.
You can google to find it:

  a21p%  ./update vmware
  Updating vmware ... VMware Workstation 2.0.4 (build-1142), now patched

Doug A.

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