Possible problems with Broadcom BCM5704C 10/100/1000 on TyanThunder K8S pro S2882 twin Operteron

Alan Jay alan_jay_uk at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Mar 4 12:56:47 GMT 2005

A couple of weeks ago we reported a potential problem with the Broadcom
BCM5704C 10/100/1000 onboard Ethernet (being used in Gigabit mode) controller
on the Tyan Thunder pro S2882 with twin Operteron and 8Gb of RAM.	

The system was running a three databases using mySQL - the first database ran
fine but the others when hit hard caused the server to crash in what appeared
to be a memory / Ethernet controller error.

We have now done the first phase of some tests and thought we would report

We switched off the broadcom Ethernet controller (via software) and routed all
traffic via the boards Intel 10/000 Ethernet connection.  One of the problem
databases has now been running for a few days and so far has been ok.

We will be doing some more tests over the next few days but this seems to be
pointing to some issues with the driver for the Broadcom Ethernet Chipset.  


> Having got 5.3 onto our new twin operteron Tyan Thunder K8S Pro S2882 with
> of RAM and had a reasonabley stable operation for a few days we installed a
> couple of databases one worked fine but the other kept on causing the server
> to crash.  After some hunting around we found discussion about problems with
> the on board Broadcom BCM5704C 10/100/1000 Gigabit ethernet controller on
> Linux last year and wondered if there were similar issues with FreeBSD 5.3's
> broadcom driver?

> The problem only seems to happen when the controller is streched with lots
> data as the other mySQL database runs fine but switching to the more load
> intensive one causes issues.
> Thanks in advance for your advice.
> Alan Jay

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