Dual booting with Windows XP

Didier Caamano nemesisdivina at gennux.ca
Thu Mar 3 04:34:28 GMT 2005

Hello everyone:

This might sound rather foolish, but I need some assistance on how to 
dual boot FBSD 5.3 with WinXP.

I have to Hard Drives, Windows is in the first drive, and I want to 
install FBSD on the second. No in the installation process I choose to 
create the partitions to the second Hard Drive, then it ask me if I want 
to install the boot manager, to which I answer yes, then it ask me where 
to install it, and I choose to the First Hard drive, is that ok? well, 
what happens is that after I choose the installer send me to disklabel 
to slice the Hard drive, but it show the First hard drive.

am I making any sense at all? I thought that installing the boot manager 
was going to be a straigh forward process, is there anything wrong with 
what I am experiencing? Any help will be appreciated.

Good night everyone

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