ueagle(4) driver merging

Mateusz Jędrasik imachine at toya.net.pl
Wed Mar 2 17:55:25 GMT 2005


I wonder how is the FreeBSD team looking on the driver ueagle written by 
one Damien Bergamini. It is a ADSL modem driver which connects using 
USB, a quite popular solution in Poland, and France as well, aparently.

Is the idea of FreeBSD to merge such driver as a hack to the umodem 
code, or to stay in tune with Damien's solution and merge the whole driver?

I would really like to see such a driver supported inside of the FreeBSD 
system itself since it would make me feel much more comfortable using a 
somewhat FreeBSD oficially supported code than third party patching.

Here follows some more information regarding the project:



Mateusz Jędrasik <imachine at toya.net.pl>

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