kernel config: sound device with or without quotes

Freddie Cash fcash-ml at
Wed Mar 2 17:20:45 GMT 2005

On March 2, 2005 02:46 am, Rob wrote:
> In /usr/src/sys/conf/NOTES is the list of supported
> sound devices. I get confused by the pressence and
> absence of quotes here. Are these quotes only
> decoration, or really needed. For example:

> device          "snd_ad1816"
> device          snd_cmi

> If they are needed, it confuses me why one sound
> device needs quotes, and another doesn't?

You have to put quotes around any device names with numbers in them.  If 
you don't, the kernel config will error out.

> How does that affect the use of loading them in
> /boot/loader.conf? How about following two:

It doesn't affect loader.conf.  You only put quotes around the value of 
the variable ("YES" or "NO") not around the variable names.

> snd_ad1816_load="YES"
> snd_cmi_load="YES"

> Is that OK?


However, if you add the devices to the kernel config file, you don't 
need to add them to loader.conf.  loader.conf is used to load kernel 
modules.  You need to decide whether to compile all devices into the 
kernel, or load some as kernel modules.

Personally, I like to put devices that won't change (like USB, ATA, SMB, 
etc) into the kernel config file.  And load devices that will change 
(like NICs, soundcards, etc) as modules via loader.conf.  Saves time 
and effort when I decide to swap out NICs and test soundcards and 

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