Can FreeBSD be installed on DellPowerEdge2800 ?

Vinny Abello vinny at
Wed Mar 2 04:40:28 GMT 2005

FYI, the architecture of the 2850 (assuming it is similar to your 2800) 
requires that you enable PAE support in your kernel of whatever OS you run 
to address the full 4GB of RAM. This is due in some part because of the 
memory mapping that was done for the PCI express bus and/or onboard Perc 
controller (per Dell tech support). We've run into this with all of our 
2850's with various OS's and enabling PAE (per Dell's advice) fixes it.

At 05:50 PM 3/1/2005, Art Mason wrote:
>Indeed, just installed on a customer's server last night, and I build SMP 
>support into the GENERIC kernel this morning.  Only issues I encountered 
>has to do w/ recognizing the full 4GB of RAM, but this apparently has some 
>compatibility issues w/ the amr driver.
>As per Holger's comments about disabling USB in BIOS, this is a good 
>suggestion, since the DRAC apparently causes some IRQ issues w/ the PS/2 
>keyboard controller, or something along those lines.  Regardless, these 
>2850 boxes are stupid fast, and I'm looking forward to benchmarking 5.3 on 
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>Kipp Holger wrote:
>>On Tue 01.03.2005 17:49, lhmwzy wrote:
>>Please reply to hk at alogis dot com. This is not my native
>>>Subject: Can FreeBSD be installed on DellPowerEdge2800 ?
>>>Anybody did this?
>>>Any help is appreciateed?
>>Boot from FreeBSD 5.3-RELEASE-CD and install. No problems
>>so far. You might want to disable USB within BIOS, though,
>>because they seem to be shared with other critical devices
>>(nics and raidcontroller). But I don't use USB anyway.
>>Then you might want to upgrade to 5-STABLE.
>>This is on Dell PowerEdge 2800 with 2GB ECC RAM,
>>4 x 36GB SCSI and amrd-Controller (PERC-4-something).
>>Binary copy of SAP 4.6C and Oracle 8 (from a working
>>installation on FreeBSD 4.x) works nearly without changes
>>(using emulators/linux_base-suse-9.1 and one additional
>>rpm (some compatibility-thing)).
>>Holger Kipp
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