CALL FOR TESTERS: new candidate for libusb port

Alexander Leidinger Alexander at
Tue Mar 1 12:27:57 GMT 2005

John Reynolds <johnjen at> wrote:

> 0) Save the shar attachment to "libusb.shar"
> 1) backup your existing .so files then pkg_delete -f libusb-0.1.7_1
> 2) (as root) cd /usr/ports/devel
> 3) backup your libusb: mv libusb libusb.orig
> 4) sh /path/to/libusb.shar

I suggest to remove point 1), and add
  5) run "portupgrade libusb"

> As I had mentioned before, Johannes bumped the lib version so after 
> you compile
> and install this port you will need to go to /usr/local/lib (or whatever your
> PREFIX is) and do
>  ln -s
> so that any apps you have that were linked against the .so.7 file can 
> find the
> lib. Or, recompile them. You choose.

A version bump of the library version suggests an ABI change, so the only
real solution is to recompile. A symlink may work for some applications, but
not for all.


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