i386 vs amd64 - benchmark results

Martin nakal at nurfuerspam.de
Tue Jul 26 17:57:15 GMT 2005


I've tried two benchmarks to check the speed of my
system on two FreeBSD architectures i386 and amd64.
I've never seen anyone posting this kind of benchmark,
so here is what I found out:

here the results of nbench:

here is what openssl speed gives me:

Sorry for posting it there, but I don't want to
send attachments to this list.

Please notice the memory speed penalties while the
system is running on amd64 kernel. I would like to
know what causes this kind of low performance when
memory is being accessed.

Is this a hardware problem or a problem with FreeBSD?
Generally, FreeBSD-amd64 performs slightly better
than FreeBSD-i386 and it's stable as expected, but
I cannot find any solution to the memory problems
that affect memory intensive applications as you can


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