FreeBSD 4.11-RC2 Available

Ken Smith kensmith at
Sun Jan 2 21:42:55 PST 2005


The FreeBSD Release Engineering Team is pleased to announce the availability
of FreeBSD 4.11-RC2.  This is the second of three scheduled Release

A schedule for the Release Cycle is available at:

We encourage people to help with testing so any final bugs can be identified
and worked out.  Availability of ISO images and support for doing FTP based
installs is given below.  If you have an older system you want to update
using the normal CVS/cvsup source based upgrade the branch tag to use
is RELENG_4_11.  Problem reports can be submitted using the send-pr(1)

At the moment there are no known severe issues.  However the Linux Emulation
subsystem (mostly added as a package) has been completely updated based
on RedHat 8.0.  We would appreciate people testing the Linux emulation
support.  In particular testing to see if linux applications continue to
behave correctly if the linux_* packages get installed while using
sysinstall(8) during the initial installation of the machine.  The package
set for disc1 is still being decided on, what is on disc1 for this RC will
most likely change before the release.

Changes since RC1:

  - two fixes to the handling of virtual memory
  - disable network port randomization based on rate of connections
  - add support for the 5721 to bge(4)
  - fix for fxp(4) on interfaces that do not use the 82557 chipset
  - add em(4) to adapters available on Alpha
  - a few small fixes to sysinstall(8)
  - lots of documentation fixes


The RC2 ISOs and FTP support are available on most of the FreeBSD Mirror
sites.  A list of the mirror sites is available here:

The MD5s are:

 MD5 (4.11-RC2-alpha-disc1.iso) = 9606b3cd476525cd61372028e8eefac8
 MD5 (4.11-RC2-alpha-disc2.iso) = ac300ed53ab87df85b75e78c1a55a9ff

 MD5 (4.11-RC2-i386-disc1.iso) = 2fd3ed54059b85d67c649f25077a3b94
 MD5 (4.11-RC2-i386-disc2.iso) = 3c5b12451bee9597cf310b4e39891f0d
 MD5 (4.11-RC2-i386-miniinst.iso) = 40d03c42d2bf490a8f98b76725e2abe9

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