kernel cpu entries

Jonathan Noack noackjr at
Wed Dec 14 21:31:04 PST 2005

Mike Jakubik wrote:
> Mark Kirkwood wrote:
>> Is a minor update to the handbook needed in order avoid confusion 
>> then? e.g. I have been commenting out CPU_I586 on all my PIII systems 
>> in the (mistaken it would seem) belief that having CPU_I686 only was 
>> better.
> Agreed, i have always just used I686, assuming it inherited the features 
> of I586. I think most people will assume this.

A quick benchmark (average of five 'dd' runs sending a large file to 
/dev/null using a blocksize of 32k) similar to that suggested by Matt 
Dillon ( shows ~3% 
increase with I586_CPU on a dual Pentium III.  This was on a lightly 
loaded live system, but I think it shows that using I586_CPU on an i686 
CPU does show a performance improvement (at least in certain tests).

I have done no testing with blowfish to see how I586_CPU might affect it 
as I use AES, but it seems it should be recommended for i686 CPUs as well.


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