x11/wrapper Problem

Jim Campbell jim-c at charter.net
Fri Apr 29 15:55:24 PDT 2005

I have FreeBSD 4.11-Stable installed.  I am having a problem running 
portupgrade because of ports/x11/wrapper.  The Makefile for wrapper has 
a line "BROKEN=   Incomplete pkg-plist".  This is causing portupgrade to 
bail out.  One suggestion that I read on a forum was to make the BROKEN 
line a comment by preceeding it by a "#".  I tried this but portupgrade 
still bails out complaining about the BROKEN line. I have also tried 
updating  the wrapper port, but the update program cannot find the 
package on the freebsd server. 

Any help would  be much appreciated.

Jim Campbell

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