Dell 2850 and keyboards

Gunnar Flygt flygt at
Thu Apr 28 23:40:16 PDT 2005

I have one of these boxes, and there is an issue with the keyboard. I
googled for problems using the keyboard in multiuser mode. There was a
description of why it behaves as it does. The usb keyboard takes
precedence over the ps/2 when running in multiuser, AND usb keyboard 0
is of course the keyboard used, AND this is the DRAC remote management
card. So it doesn't help to attach an external usb keyboard.

I read the tip for commenting out the usb keyboard section from
/etc/usbd.conf, so everything is working now with a local keyboard.

Now to my question. Is there any work going on to be able to attach more
than one keyboard at the time? Like having a ps/2 keyboard and the DRAC
usb virtual keyboard attached and working at the same time. It is nice
to have both a local keyboard and the drac remote, which works like a
charm. The best DRAC software so far.

Gunnar Flygt
SR Datadrift
Sveriges Radio

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