UPDATE: ATA mkIII official patches for releng_5

Damian Gerow dgerow at afflictions.org
Thu Apr 28 11:54:14 PDT 2005

Thus spake Jonathan Noack (noackjr at alumni.rice.edu) [28/04/05 14:53]:
: Does this error happen all the time or only with ATA mkIII?

Only with ATA mkIII.  I'm running a system that I rebuilt this morning
without issue.

: Check /etc/stable-supfile to make sure you're getting RELENG_5_4
: (tag=RELENG_5_4 and no date=).  Also, do any of the hunks fail when
: patching?  An easy way to find out is by checking the patch before
: applying (this is a good habit anyway):

I'm definitely running RELENG_5_4 (I've also tried with RELENG_5), and none
of the hunks fail:

    % cd /usr/src
    % find . -type f -name \*.rej

: If they all say succeeded then the patch should apply correctly.  If
: this doesn't generate any leads, try "make -DALWAYS_CHECK_MAKE
: buildworld" before building the kernel.  I'm not sure but this could be
: an out-of-date make.

Not likely if the system I'm running was built this morning.  Though I
admit, it does /feel/ like a make error.

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