USB changes.

Julian Elischer julian at
Thu Apr 28 11:23:16 PDT 2005

> +++
> Currently, I find my P4 hanging just after discovering the parallel
> port and mounting disk; in other words, just here:
> ppc0: parallel port not found.
> ad0: 28629MB <ST330620A> [58168/16/63] at ata0-master UDMA100
> but ->only<- when my Logitech USB mouse is plugged in. Now, if I
> unplug it and hit reset (not Ctrl-Alt-Del; the keyboard is frozen) the
> system boots, and I can obtain X w/ a functional mouse. Yesterday, of
> course, prior to the USB change the system did not hang.

I saw this problem in testing ad THOUGHT I had checked in the fix..

Can you confirm that usb.c ends with:
    usb_cold_explore, NULL);

> I noticed that some code was changed in between my discovery of the
> hanging and my attempt to fix it:
> Apr 27 21:15 subr_bus.c
> but this change, and the subsequent world update, did not solve the
> issue of the hanging mouse.

the changes that you are refering to include some to defer probing of the 
USB 1.1 busses untill after the USB2.0 busses have been configured.
They should probe for the devices at around the same time that the scsi 
devices probe.
I'll see if I can duplicate yuor problem.. I tested with several USB 1.1
devices but a mounse was not amongst them.

> See, I know I've only myself to blame for missing the announcement
> and/or starting an upgrade in an interstice between stability and
> apparent instability. But still...test first, deploy later, perhaps?
> Kernel bits, had them for a couple of years now:
> device          uhci
> device          ohci
> device          ehci
> device          usb
> device          ugen
> device          ums
> device          uscanner
> With my luck, it's probably not the mouse after all.

I assume it works right if you remove the mouse before booting and reinsert 
it after the kernel has booted?


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