*bsd games.

None imachine at lazir.toya.net.pl
Wed Apr 27 20:04:03 PDT 2005


first of i'd like to excuse any of the hardcore unix heads here, bringing
such possibly unimportant topics :-)

to keep it quick - the idea is simple, there is some standard *bsd games
distribution, but those games are hardly even anything more amusing than
fortune /which do not get me wrong, is pretty interesting - but not
quite deserving imho the title of a game ;-)/. 

now this is where the plan comes in - what about some upgrade to the
default bsd world? FreeBSD seems like the BSD that could support it. im
not saying 3d blast off with DRM/DRI, if any, more in the taste of
'Stunts', if anyone perhaphs remembers that title.

wouldnt it be nice to sit inside of console and play some prince of
persia, or some puzzle minding Robbo, during the Nth install ? and i
do mention the original names here - since most of these games are
abandonware, and now i do not have any facts backing this up - im still
researching - but to me that would mean it could be pretty easy to even
make a platform independant, native bsd port of them.

i would be willing to do the coding work, i needed a project to spend
time on and this is what i found interesting. anyway, perhaphs anyone
might be interested to help out? i am aware of the fact, that a main
tree merge would require some extra libs not everyone might be happy
about in the main dist, or maybe some framework, kernel/system wise?
i would say sdl, but that would need some work from what my experience
is - i tried the VGL output with even simple stuff like digger, yet it
proved itself pretty unstable - wrecking the console on crashy
applications inclusive :-)

cheers, and i hope i dont get run down for a 'cheesy' project idea ;-)


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