SATA RAID 1 controllers for Intel board

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Wed Apr 27 17:02:33 PDT 2005

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On 04/27/05 18:36, Samuel Clements wrote:
> Should work just fine with the integrated ICH5R if you CVSUP to
> -CURRENT. sos@ has done major work to the ata code recently and I have
> many of this exact machine up and running right now. I had to:
> Enable SATA RAID  in the BIOS but define no raid
> Install FreeBSD on ad4 (or the first disk)
> CVSUP to current and rebuild kernel
> edit your fstab and change all the ad4 (or whatever disk you installed
> on) entries to ar0
> go into RAID BIOS and create a RAID from the first drive
> When it asks you how to create the array, choose Build and it'll copy
> your first drive to the second drive, creating a mirror.
> reboot your machine and it should 'just work'

Please do not top post.

> Steven Glogger wrote:
>> i'm fighting a little bit with a new intel server.
>> i bought an intel SE7210TP1-E server with integrated RAID controller
>> (SATA)
>> and thought: nice, one box everything inside ,-)
>> but it seems that the raid controller is not supported by any freebsd
>> version (i would love to see it running on 5.x).
>> on some posts i saw that the onboard controller is some kind of
>> 'software-raid' - but i don't care ,-)
>> anyhow, i didn't got this onboard raid controller (which seems to be an
>> adaptec hostraid) working.
>> (if someone knows how to do it: please mail! *beggin*).

I was gonna say just define the array beforehand and use the latest 6.x
snapshot ISO (, but it looks like ATA
mkIII didn't make it into the tree until 2 weeks after the last
snapshot.  Until the next snapshot is built it looks like you're stuck
using the procedure Samuel described.

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