SATA RAID 1 controllers for Intel board

Samuel Clements sclements at
Wed Apr 27 16:36:29 PDT 2005

Should work just fine with the integrated ICH5R if you CVSUP to 
-CURRENT. sos@ has done major work to the ata code recently and I have 
many of this exact machine up and running right now. I had to:

Enable SATA RAID  in the BIOS but define no raid
Install FreeBSD on ad4 (or the first disk)
CVSUP to current and rebuild kernel
edit your fstab and change all the ad4 (or whatever disk you installed 
on) entries to ar0
go into RAID BIOS and create a RAID from the first drive

When it asks you how to create the array, choose Build and it'll copy 
your first drive to the second drive, creating a mirror.

reboot your machine and it should 'just work'

Steven Glogger wrote:
> hi all
> i'm fighting a little bit with a new intel server.
> i bought an intel SE7210TP1-E server with integrated RAID controller (SATA)
> and thought: nice, one box everything inside ,-)
> but it seems that the raid controller is not supported by any freebsd
> version (i would love to see it running on 5.x).
> on some posts i saw that the onboard controller is some kind of
> 'software-raid' - but i don't care ,-)
> anyhow, i didn't got this onboard raid controller (which seems to be an
> adaptec hostraid) working.
> (if someone knows how to do it: please mail! *beggin*).
> anyhow, i had the fabulous idea to buy an high point 1520 SATA raid
> controller which is working fine in other servers.
> but i didn't expected intel to NOT work with this controller ;-(
> i tried several hours (incl. bios upgrades, etc.) to just BOOT from this
> raid controller (with and without any raid).
> even when in the amibios is set: primary boot device -> "RocketRaid 1520
> SATA controller" nothing will ever boot from this device (and yes, i set the
> disk to 'active' - it will boot if i put the disc directly to the on-board
> plug).
> i contacted intel and they told me:
> "Unfortunately we have not validated any High Point RAID controller on
> Intel(R) Entry Server Board SE7210TP1-E
> For a list of tested and validated hardware for this board please visit the
> following URL:
> 0.htm
> "
> well, nice isn't it? ;-)
> (if someone knows how to get this controller running on that specific board:
> let me know).
> after reading the tested-hardware list (see link from intel) i found out
> that the "FastTrak S150 TX4" should boot ;-)
> but after looking on google and the mailinglist i couldn't figure out if
> freebsd 5.X would recognize it.
> does anyone want to share some of his experience how to get a raid running
> with either the on-board controller, the hightpoint controller or an
> fasttrak S150 TX4? ;-) (otherwise i would prepare a software raid)
> greetings! & many thanks in advance ,-)
> -steven
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