gvinum causing kernel panic when referencing nonexistent partition

Matthias Schündehütte msch at snafu.de
Tue Apr 26 07:51:51 PDT 2005

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Hello Jason,

Am 25.04.2005 um 16:19 schrieb Jason Andresen:

> [...]
> Is there maybe a special place on each drive I could dd /dev/zero to 
> clear out all of the vinum information?  I tried clobbering the vinum 
> slices on every drive and newfsing them as individual filesystems, but 
> that didn't seem to do the trick.

Well, I ran into this as well... it's a bit weird to solve this issue.

The gvinum-infos are on sector #8 ff. of the drive-slices. In your case 

If you have a valid backup of your data (which should be no problem to 
get as a RAID5-plex should survive *one* faulty disk) I would recommend 
to erase all sectors #8-16 of all gvinum-drives as your missing drive 
is noted in all of these sectors. Then you have to rebuild the whole 
gvinum stuff from scratch.

If that's not possible, do a 'dd if=/dev/ad6s1 of=ad6s1.sec bs=512 
count=16' and look at the file 'ad6s1.sec' with your favorite 
hex-editor. Or better: make a copy of that file and look at the copy 
:-) You have to do this for all your gvinum-drives.

The gvinum meta-data starts with the string 'IN VINO', IIRC at sector 
#8, that is 4096 bytes offset in the file. The metadata follows this 
'magic' string and is plain ascii.

So, now you can either remove all references to 'media4' or perhaps you 
try to rename all occurences of 'mediaa' to 'media4' and see what 

The structure of the metadata is defined in 
/sys/geom/vinum/geom_vinum_var.h - look at this file first!

I managed to repair my gvinum installation this way but there's no 
guarantee, you do it on your own risk!

Please contact le at freebsd.org, perhaps he is willing to assist you 
during that operation. He is the 'father' of gvinum so his advice is 
sure better than mine...

Good luck - matthias

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Ciao/BSD - Matthias

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