internal modem / pnp0 / FAQ error ?

Oliver Fromme olli at
Tue Apr 26 07:33:25 PDT 2005

pan <pan at> wrote:
 > From:
 > 4.5.2. Why is FreeBSD not finding my internal Plug & Play modem?
 > You will need to add the modem's PnP ID to the PnP ID list in the serial
 > driver. [...]

That FAQ entry is very outdated.  And it does not apply to
your case at all.

 > I have a pci winmodem

The term "PnP" from the FAQ entry refers to ISA PnP cards,
not to PCI cards.  Furthermore, it refers to cards which
are controlled by the sio driver (serial I/O), not to "win
modems".  It's a completely different thing.

 > (yes I know - plan on using ltmdm)

So your winmodem card uses the Lucent chipset supported by
ltmdm?  If so, you only need to install ltmdm, and that's
all you need to do.

If ltmdm doesn't support your winmodem, then it's pretty
much a dead horse.  I would rather recommend to buy a real

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