Using the 6-CURRENT twa driver on 5-STABLE.

Jason Thomson jason.thomson at
Tue Apr 26 07:01:54 PDT 2005

Is it better to use the 6-CURRENT driver on 5-STABLE,  or the 3ware 9.2
Software Release for 5.x.

I see that there have been some changes between the two.  Are they
improvements,  applicable to 5-STABLE as well,  or just changes required
for 6-CURRENT?

It looks like the changes are probably optimisations,  but I'm not sure
whether that applies for 5-STABLE as well.

I've tried both,  and am currently using the 6-CURRENT driver on 2 of
our 4 5-STABLE boxes without any obvious ill effects.  Should I stop?

In either case,  would it be possible to commit one or the other quite
soon after 5.4-RELEASE?  (I'm assuming they can't go into 5.4-RELEASE).



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