nss_ldap / top startup

Rink Springer rink at stack.nl
Tue Apr 26 00:17:34 PDT 2005


> Any ideas, why this is happening? Will I need 10 seconds, when there are 
> 60000 accounts in LDAP? :-)

Have you set your indexes correctly? This may result in a huge speedup.
I use (this is only for about 180 accounts, but NSS works instantly):

# Indices to maintain
index           objectClass eq
index           cn sub,pres,eq
index           uid,uidNumber,gidNumber,homeDirectory pres,eq

Also, have you tried truss(1) or ktrace(1) on the process? It might help
you try to see if the LDAP server is just being slow, or the LDAP client is.

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