background_fsck=no does not work?

Randy Bush randy at
Mon Apr 25 12:19:19 PDT 2005

>>>> not always be clean.  Softupdates (hopefully) means that it will be
>>>> consistent and recoverable, but what you're seeing here is normal and
>>> Why "hopefully"?  Aren't people convinced that it works correctly?
>> i am convinced, but some of the hosts seem not to be :-)
>> i see shutdowns which 0 0 0 0 and then shut, and when restarted
>> single user and fscked manually show errors.  though i think this
>> may be in current, which is on most of my hosts.
> Yeah, others have reported this problem on -current, but 5.x does not
> have it.

when will it be mfced to 5.x?  :-)


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