Uprading to 5.X from 4.X

Iain Dooley mail at iaindooley.com
Mon Apr 25 07:03:45 PDT 2005

>> maybe i'll hold off for a little while. it's such a pain having to wait for 
>> everything to build from source. kde takes forever, so you leave the house 
>> but when you come back there is one of those configuration options screens 
>> for some obscure package with bunch of options like "Enable Lib GSSD 
>> Compatibility" that mean absolutely nothing to me. meanwhile i can't use my 
>> PC.

> You can usually avoid that with make -DBATCH=yes.  With portupgrade it
> would be portupgrade -m -DBATCH=yes.

> Usually, that will, if there are options, choose the defaults, which are
> reasonable.  You can put BATCH=yes in /etc/make.conf (see
> /etc/defaults/make.conf) but of course, what happens then is that you
> install something where you ~really~ didn't want the defaults.   :) 

okay that's great advice, thanks.


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