nss_ldap / top startup

Oliver Brandmueller ob at e-Gitt.NET
Mon Apr 25 03:59:21 PDT 2005


I have some servers running running on 5.4-STABLE as of Apr 5th. I use 
nss_ldap for a userbase of currently about 24000 accounts (will be 
growing to approx 60000 in the next weeks). I don't use pam_ldap 
currently, because users only need to login by IMAP, POP, SMTP and FTP, 
for all of these services daemons are used which natively auth against 
the LDAP server.

The more accounts there are in the LDAP directory, the longer the 
startup of "top" takes. With the current userbase top takes about 3-4 
seconds to start (on a mostly idle Dual Xeon 2.8GHz with fast disks and 
local slapd).

The startup time is not any different, sometimes I feel (did not try to
measure) it's even longer, if I use "top -u" to not map uids. The 
running processes are only from a few uids, all the LDAP users usually 
don't have processes running under thier IDs.

Any ideas, why this is happening? Will I need 10 seconds, when there are 
60000 accounts in LDAP? :-)

- Oliver

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