pccardd broke after editing /etc/pccard.conf

Eirik Johnson falmarian at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 24 19:19:46 PDT 2005

I have just installed FreeBSD on my newly acquired (if
abysmally old) Toshiba Tecra 520CDT.  I compiled a
kernel using the old 'card' and 'pcic' modules and the
kernel detects my PCMCIA slot hardware.  Pccardd ran
fine, and detected the ethernet NIC I inserted, but
failed to allocate an IRQ for the device.  So I
decided that perhaps a modified irq line in
pccard.conf was called for.  (At that time I ws using
just the information in /etc/defaults/pccard.conf.)  I
added a new IRQ line to /etc/pccard.conf and suddenly
I began getting syntax error complaints about
/etc/defaults/pccard.conf from pccardd upon
initialization.  After this modification, neither the
kernel nor (obviously) pccardd detects inserted
devices.  What gives?  Has anybody experienced this
issue?  Does anybody know why this would be?

Erik N Johnson
Systems Administrator
ULAN Game Networks

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