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On Sat, Apr 23, 2005 at 12:19:22AM +0100, Dick Davies wrote:

> Wow, that's a bit messed up - I need to boot off a different disk before I 
> can write to the MBR? Someone mentioned a GEOM quirk, is that what's stopping
> me doing it from within freebsd?
> I wonder why boot0cfg doesn't have the same problem?
> > You may create a bootable grub floppy with
> > $ cd /boot/grub
> > $ dd if=stage1 of=/dev/fd0 bs=512 count=1
> > $ dd if=stage2 of=/dev/fd0 bs=512 seek=1
> Thanks, but if it's a freebsd thing I'll just install the MBR from one of the
> other OSes - do you know if I need our patched grub for the mbr to grok ufs2,
> or will a leenux one work?

The usual one will work.  

title FreeBSD
root (hd0,1,a)
kernel /boot/loader

If that doesn't work, you can do the chainloader +1 thingie, but it
shouldn't be necessary--somewhere in either the early 5.x or at some
point in CURRENT, the above syntax wasn't working with older versions of
GRUB.  Howevr, the current <heh> GRUB will work with the above syntax.
(It had to do with older versions not recognizing the ufs2, but the
issue has been fixed.)


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