Preposterous errno values from kernel

Kris Kennaway kris at
Fri Apr 22 14:29:58 PDT 2005

On Sat, Apr 23, 2005 at 06:34:39AM +1000, Peter Jeremy wrote:
> On Thu, 2005-Apr-21 22:04:01 -0700, Kris Kennaway wrote:
> >I'm getting this on a RELENG_5_4 sparc64 system (e4500):
> >
> ># rm -rf *
> >/bin/rm: Unknown error: 7283.
> Cute.  Does it affect anything other than /bin/rm?  Is /bin/rm sane
> (not some random junk that's confusing the ELF loader)?  Is this an
> SMP system (which might point to locking problems)?

I think I'm only seeing it in relation to rm, but I've done a make
world with a clean tree and had it persist.  rm seems to work in other
situations (including some other errors).  It is an SMP machine
(highly SMP; 12-CPU).

> If this seems consistent (other than the actual errno reported), the
> quickest solution would seem to be to use DDB (or kernel GDB) to
> follow the execution path from execve() until it goes off the rails.

I might have to try that.


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