Problems with setting up ppp connection to use synce on FreeBSD 5.3

Martes G Wigglesworth wigglesworth02 at
Fri Apr 22 12:54:28 PDT 2005

I am having a hard time getting the pda to connect to my synce/dccm
session.  I keep getting closed connections due to faulty
authentication.  My ipaq is running Windows PocketPC 2003, and I am
using user-ppp on FreeBSD 5.3.  I get it to actually try to authenticate
the session, however, it always errors out with a 691 error, probably
for authentication.  

Can anyone give me some assistance with my ppp.secret or ppp.conf
settings.  I don't have any username/password on the PDA, however,
whenever I leave those aspects out nothing happens.  


Martes G Wigglesworth, CEO
WiggTekMicroSystems, Inc.

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