kernel/dmesg misreporting clock speed of CPU

John T. Yocum yocumjt at
Fri Apr 22 12:50:01 PDT 2005

Jon Noack wrote:
> On 4/22/2005 9:07 AM, John T. Yocum wrote:
>> First off, want to say thanks to all the people that make FreeBSD 
>> possible. Very nice operating system. :) Ok, now for the problem.
>> Been running FreeBSD 5-STABLE on my Dual Pentium Pro 200Mhz for many 
>> months now. However, yesterday I upped to 5.4-RC3, and noticed 
>> something changed during bootup.
>> This line:
>> CPU: Pentium Pro (145.59-MHz 686-class CPU)
>> Note that line says 145.59-Mhz, I have 200Mhz CPUs. As well, prior to 
>> upgrading to RC-3 that line would say 199.98Mhz. Not sure if that's a 
>> bug or not.
> Random shot:
> BIOS battery died and the speed got reset to 150MHz?
> Then again, the speed on the Pentium Pro machine I used to have was set 
> with a jumper (had it overclocked to 233MHz!)...
> Sorry if I'm way off base here,
> Jon


The clockspeed is setup via jumpers. Just before rebooting to RC3, the 
kernel was reporting the proper clock speed. IIRC, this issue has come 
up before for some people.


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