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Dan Ponte dcp1990 at neptune.atopia.net
Thu Apr 21 20:07:49 PDT 2005

Hi all.
I'm having a rather strange predicament with dump(8). First, I tried
dumping a snapshot to a file within the filesystem being dumped like so:

	styx# dump -0u -a -L -C 8 -f /usr/backup/usr.dump /usr

I then let it sit for a while. The filesystem was only 4.1GB, but the
dump file was growing to almost 12GB! I suspected recursion within the
dump (even though it shouldn't happen, as I was dumping the snapshot,
and the dump(8) code seems to create the snapshot and unlink it before
any dumping starts). So, I mounted an NFS filesystem on my workstation
and attempted to dump to it, like so:

	styx# dump -0u -a -L -C 8 -S -f /mnt/wksback/usr.dump /usr

This time, it seemed to pause disk activity for a while, presumably
while it copied out to the network (in the pervious instance, the disk
activity LED was on constantly). My hopes were high until, again, the
dump grew in size:

	 5.6G Apr 21 22:48 usr.dump

I stopped the dump and ran the following for the hell of it:

	> tail usr.dump | strings
Apparently, it's filling up the file with just NULLs and that! I am at a
loss as to what is happening.
Any insight in to the matter would be greatly appreciated.

Dan Ponte
Brain, n.:
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		-- Ambrose Bierce, "The Devil's Dictionary"
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