external DVD-RAM devices

Michael Lestinsky michael at lestinsky.de
Thu Apr 21 15:39:54 PDT 2005


Is anyone here sucessfully using some external DVD-Ram capable writer?
I've got a external (USB/Firewire) LG GSA-5163D, which is a multiformat 
device. ±R(W) seems to work fine so far. But when I insert a -Ram medium 
the kernel or devd or whoever is responsible for that doesn't create the 
a- and c-partition device nodes. The only exception is when I insert the 
medium before hooking the dvd-writer into my notebook. 
It doesn't matter whether I use firewire or usb2.

Here's some dmesg output:

Hooking it into firewire, with inserted dvd-ram medium

fwohci0: BUS reset
fwohci0: node_id=0xc800ffc1, gen=2, CYCLEMASTER mode
firewire0: 2 nodes, maxhop <= 1, cable IRM = 1 (me)
firewire0: bus manager 1 (me)
firewire0: New S400 device ID:0050770500000093
cd1 at sbp0 bus 0 target 0 lun 0
cd1: <HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-5163D A102> Removable CD-ROM SCSI-0 device 
cd1: 50.000MB/s transfers
cd1: cd present [2236704 x 2048 byte records]

unplugging it again:

fwohci0: BUS reset
fwohci0: node_id=0xc800ffc0, gen=3, CYCLEMASTER mode
firewire0: 1 nodes, maxhop <= 0, cable IRM = 0 (me)
firewire0: bus manager 0 (me)

The /dev/cd1* doesn't go away. When I reconnect it it stays dead until I
reboot the computer. Is Firewire incapable of hotplugging? camcontrol
rescan and fwcontrol -r don't bring it back to life.

connecting it via usb2 without a medium:

umass0: HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-5163D Super Multi DVD Rewriter, rev 2.00/0.01, addr 2
cd2 at umass-sim0 bus 0 target 0 lun 0
cd2: <HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-5163D A102> Removable CD-ROM SCSI-0 device 
cd2: 40.000MB/s transfers
cd2: Attempt to query device size failed: NOT READY, Medium not present

I can however readout the disklabel of the medium but I haven't yet figured
out how to mount it then.


Michael Lestinsky			http://www.lestinsky.de/michael

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