ftpd & PAM

Ivan Voras ivoras at fer.hr
Thu Apr 21 09:48:43 PDT 2005

Scot Hetzel wrote:

> Which version of FreeBSD, and what does your PAM configuration for
> ftpd look like?

Oh yes, thanks, I forgot not all services had pam_ldap line added when 
we switched to LDAP :)

(it works now)

A related question: for some reasons, I want to allow FTP only from+to 
localhost. I know how to do it with firewalls, but wanted to experiment 
with hosts.allow.

This is how the start of my hosts.allow looks like:

# Start by allowing everything (this prevents the rest of the file
# from working, so remove it when you need protection).
# The rules here work on a "First match wins" basis.

in.ftpd: LOCAL: allow
in.ftpd: ALL: deny

ALL : ALL : allow

I constructed the in.ftpd lines by looking at other examples and the man 
page, but it doesn't seem to work - I can login from another machine on 
the same network. ALl machines have proper (global) DNS entries so I 
don't think this should fall under the manual excerpt:

        LOCAL  Matches any host whose name does not contain a dot character.

... or does it?

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