'cut' and newline problem

Dmitry Frolov frolov at riss-telecom.ru
Thu Apr 21 08:46:47 PDT 2005

* Emanuel Strobl <Emanuel.strobl at gmx.net> [21.04.2005 04:52]:

> Dear all,
> today I had problems with cut (tset -I -S -Q \?$term | cut -d ' ' -f1) on 
> 5.4-RC3 and after googling for the error "cut: stdin: Illegal byte sequence" 
> I found that someone already reported [1] that cut kind of misbehaves from 
> 5.3-RC on.
> Is this still a problem?

It seems Tim Robbins fixed this in rev 1.30 of src/usr.bin/cut/cut.c,
but that was not MFC'ed.

PS: Tim, can You, please, MFC rev 1.30?

    wbr&w, dmitry.
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