FreeBSD and very heavy web server

Kipp Holger h.kipp at
Thu Apr 21 03:38:24 PDT 2005

peceka wrote on Thu 21.04.2005 11:02

> i must set up a web server. I want to do this on FreeBSD 5.X. and
> Apache 1.3 for this and php4.

What do you mean by 'very heavy web server'? Please be more specific.

- Do you expect many parallel connections? Default configuration
  allows for 512 child processes with apache, so you might want
  to set this higher during compilation (eg set to 1024).
- Does it make sense to separate static and dynamic requests?
  You might want to use separate servers(*) for static and
  dynamic requests, using a quick low-footprint webserver for
  static requests that allows for many parallel requests. Maybe
  lighttpd is all you need (ymmv)
- Make sure you don't run out of mbufs, open file descriptors etc.
- ...

Holger Kipp

(*) eg shttpd, lighttpd,...

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