vinum or gvinum on FreeBSD 5.4

Claus Guttesen kometen at
Thu Apr 21 01:39:09 PDT 2005


I may implement (g)vinum to stripe two 2 TB raid 5 volumes into a
single 4 TB vinum-volume. The volumes reside on a atabeast doing the
raid 5. The server is a 5.4 RC2 doing nfs on i386.

According to some threads gvinum may not be completely stable (in 5.3,
when doing raid 5 but works fine when striping.

Should I go vinum or gvinum? Will newfs have problems with a 4 TB
volume? Are there any performance-degradation doing striping?

According to the vinum-pages in the handbook a vinum-volume should be
formatted with the -v parameter, but -v is not in man 8 newfs.


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