Floppy problems

Stefan Hauser etienne at usr.ch
Wed Apr 20 13:45:07 PDT 2005


> I'm having a problem doing "newfs" to a floppy on a new installation. I tried 
> changing to a new floppy and get the same thing.
> # fdformat -f 1440 /dev/fd0
> Format 1440K floppy `/dev/fd0'? (y/n): y
> # bsdlabel -B -w /dev/fd0 fd1440
> # newfs /dev/fd0
> newfs: wtfs: 512 bytes at sector 2879: Input/output error

i just experienced similar problems with 5.4 from sunday (17. april).
but cant tell when it started, since its been a while that i used a floppy.
i can fdformat without problems, but i can only read or write the first 18kb,
and then a i/o error occurs. dmesg shows nothing.
its not a hardware problem, since it works with 4.11 and win2k and the same
floppy disk. machine is a dell inspiron 8000.


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