Emmanuel Chriqui emmanuel.chriqui at laposte.net
Wed Apr 20 01:24:26 PDT 2005

> Objet : Re: PXEBOOT/TFTPBOOT + big MD_ROOT problem
> > Hi,
> >
> > I'm trying to make very big MD_ROOT (300MB) sent using PXEBOOT+TFTPBOOT.
> No
> > NFS. It's a sort of diskless machine with all the system on ram. There
> is a
> > problem when the preloaded image is >~32MB. Kernel loads but it does not
> > seem to find the files. It seems as if only part of the image is really
> > there. With a "small" image (<~32MB), no probleme. I use the same image,
> off
> > course, same init etc... just more data for my application in the big
> image
> > case.
> ...
> > Am I missing something obvious?
>    I assume you saw this in the tftpd manual page?
>      Files larger than 33488896 octets (65535 blocks) cannot be
> transferred
>      without client and server supporting blocksize negotiation (RFC1783).
>      Many tftp clients will not transfer files over 16744448 octets (32767
>      blocks).
> -DG
Yes. Saw it. My tftp client and pxe+tftp under linux works ok. The tftp
client under FreeBSD seems to work fine (1,5GB tranfered, md5sum checked, no
pb). BUT, maybe the tftp client in the FreeBSD pxeboot has a problem.

I am actually trying to make the mfsroot go through NFS. If that works, it
will indicate the FreeBSD pxeboot has indeed this problem with TFTP.


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