David G. Lawrence dg at dglawrence.com
Tue Apr 19 16:18:36 PDT 2005

> Hi, 
> I'm trying to make very big MD_ROOT (300MB) sent using PXEBOOT+TFTPBOOT. No
> NFS. It's a sort of diskless machine with all the system on ram. There is a
> problem when the preloaded image is >~32MB. Kernel loads but it does not
> seem to find the files. It seems as if only part of the image is really
> there. With a "small" image (<~32MB), no probleme. I use the same image, off
> course, same init etc... just more data for my application in the big image
> case. 
> Am I missing something obvious? 

   I assume you saw this in the tftpd manual page?

     Files larger than 33488896 octets (65535 blocks) cannot be transferred
     without client and server supporting blocksize negotiation (RFC1783).

     Many tftp clients will not transfer files over 16744448 octets (32767


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