Will 5.4 be an "Extended Life" release?

Jean-Simon jsimon at cam.org
Mon Apr 18 12:13:00 PDT 2005

Brett Glass wrote:
> Yes, this works most of the time. But, as mentioned above, you can be
> surprised when you update your ports and suddenly find that (a) you
> can't even deinstall because of changes to a port, or (b) you go back
> to a port to compile it with different options and find that there's
> a whole new version there that won't compile for some reason. (This
> happened to me just last week on an older system. After the cvsup,
> the master Makefile for the ports collection was no longer compatible
> with the version of "make" on the system, so I couldn't do ANYTHING
> with ANY port.)

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe you can simply use "pkg_delete
$package_name" instead of going in '/usr/ports/whatever' and run "make
deinstall". Just look in '/var/db/pkg' to see if the package infos are

I think most ports build a package and then install it when you run "make
install" so you can remove them with the "pkg_delete" tool even if the
sources in '/usr/ports' were updated.


Jean-Simon Durand
Technical specialist
jsimon at cam.org

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