tcpwrappers problem

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Subject: tcpwrappers problem

> Hi,
> (using freebsd5.4-stable)
> I'm trying to display a ftpd banner with hosts.allow, but it doesn't 
> work.
> I'm using ftpd (/usr/libexec/ftpd) started through inetd.
> Ined is started with standard flags:
> /usr/sbin/inetd -wW -C 60
> In hosts.allow I have:
> ALL : ALL : allow
> ALL : ALL : banners /usr/local/etc/banners/
> ALL : PARANOID : RFC931 20 : deny
> In /usr.../banners/ I've a banner called: ftpd and inetd and ftp etc.. 
> copied the banner to different names to be sure ... ;-)
> The directory is world r-x and the banners are world readable.
> When changing for example: ALL:ALL:allow to ALL:ALL:deny, ftpd 
> connections are blocked, so I assume the wrappers work.
> Why isn't my banner displayed?
> thanks
> didier
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At first glance, I would say because you have an "ALL : ALL : allow" 
before you have your "ALL : ALL : banners /usr/local/etc/banners/

With that, it's never making it to the banners entry.


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