NFS defaults for read/write blocksize....(Was: Re: 5.4/amd64 console hang)

Willem Jan Withagen wjw at
Sun Apr 17 14:06:11 PDT 2005

Kris Kennaway wrote:
>>By the way, I'm thinking that more frequently hang might related with
>>large read/write block in mount_nfs -r/-w (I use 8192, original is 1024).
> That's certainly possible since non-default settings don't get as much
> testing.  It would be good to get a traceback.

Has it even been considered to up these values to something bigger??
Reason I ask, is since some discussions from a year ago tempted me to do some 
(non-scientific) NFS performance testing. 
Ever since then I'm of the opinion that sizes of read/write should be at least 
8K, or bigger depending on the data.

And yes, I'm aware that bonnie can hardly be considered a serious benchmark 
tool. But I would think that the results would warant at least this change.

I no longer have some of the hardware, so redoing this test with something 
like 'make buildworld' is not really possible. But I'm looking into getting 
again a series of older boxes to run some more tests on.


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