panic in uma_dbg_free (pfil hooks related?)

Tilman Linneweh arved at
Fri Apr 15 13:50:36 PDT 2005


Same situation like the panic i reported last month
( )
but this time without ipl(4)  in the kernel.

I closed my laptop lid without closing the ssh session and boom the
NAT gateway (running 5.4-PRERELEASE) crashed.

db> where
Tracing pid 27 tid 100021 td 0xc107f190
kdb_enter(c06ca9e8) at kdb_enter+0x2b
panic(c06e1733,c1346a00,c0c6aae0,c06c929b,c06e1717) at panic+0xbb
uma_dbg_free(c0c6aae0,0,c1346a00) at uma_dbg_free+0x110
uma_zfree_arg(c0c6aae0,c1346a00,0) at uma_zfree_arg+0xf3
m_freem(c1346a00,c1346a00,c1598a00,4,41) at m_freem+0x36
fr_check(c1346a50,14,c1120000,0,ca8a8c88) at fr_check+0xce8
fr_check_wrapper(0,ca8a8c88,c1120000,1,0) at fr_check_wrapper+0x2a
pfil_run_hooks(c075f8a0,ca8a8cd4,c1120000,1,0) at pfil_run_hooks+0xbd
ip_input(c1346a00) at ip_input+0x231
netisr_processqueue(c075eb38) at netisr_processqueue+0x6e
swi_net(0) at swi_net+0x88
ithread_loop(c1074500,ca8a8d48,c1074500,c0520610,0) at ithread_loop+0x124
fork_exit(c0520610,c1074500,ca8a8d48) at fork_exit+0xa4
fork_trampoline() at fork_trampoline+0x8

Unfortunately still no gdb dump...


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