merging locale stuff in mtree?

Joel rees at
Fri Apr 15 06:01:01 PDT 2005

Just finished rebuilding and installing the world and the kernel by the
"canonical" method. 

In using mergemaster, I find myself puzzled by the locale stuff in mtree.
I have not installed a lot of locales, haven't even started X11 at all
yet, but the updates seem to want to put a lot of stuff about locales in
BSD.X11-4.dist and BSD.local.dist. Is all that locale stuff necessary
there if you haven't installed all those locales?

(I tried to merge BSD.local.dist, and I think I botched it.)

I'm not really clear on what mtree does, in case that isn't obvious.
Search the web only turned up stuff about an alternative to tripwire,
but I suppose it might be mergemaster's db configuration? (Scanned man
on mtree and /usr/src/etc/mtree/README, but it hasn't sunk it yet.)

Appreciate a cluestick if anyone cares to hit me with one.

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